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Fast Experiment: Conclusion

Well, the fast experiment seems to be over. It took me 4 or 5 days to regain a desire to eat after I broke the fast, and then for a few days I walked hungry all the time, and probably was overeating. Will have to be more careful next time.

I am very, very satisfied that I did it, even though my wife seemed to be downright scared sometimes. It has probably been the most profound experience of my life. I think I understand now why people fast for religious reasons, though I am not going to bother to put it in words.

My decision to continue working through the fast was a misguided one. Both because I was not very efficient, and because fasting seems to be a perfect time to meditate, and to think about other, more important things. Big things, like life, the universe and everything, and small things, like weather, and grass, and air. Next time I will take

The very fact of being able to live without food, and not suffering from it, was a revelation for me. One day a few years ago, I bought the famous Bragg book, “The miracle of fasting”, where he advocates fasting for one day weekly, and decide to follow this approach. The very first day was rather bad; I came home in the evening feeling horribly, broke the fast prematurely, ate a lot, and fell down feeling even worse. Then I came to a conclusion that fasting is for supermen, and my genetic makeup requires me to eat regularly.

Well, this turned out to be simply wrong. Food is just an addiction for the vast majority of modern people. Once you break the addiction, you are free to deal with food on your own terms: fell to choose when to eat and when not to eat when you want, not when your body tells you to. In a sense, fasting is an ultimate spiritual experience: the triumph of the spirit over the body. My own fasting has definitely made me more aware of the power of both my spirit and my body.

On a more mundane level, one interesting result of the fast is that my taste has changed: I guess it became much sharper. I just can’t eat salted, spiced or sugared food anymore. Real, natural food seems good enough these days. I can’t even tolerate much garlic, which is a pity, because it is said to be good for the health, and I used to like it a lot.

Another result was a total loss if interest in tea. I’ve been addicted before, and though I stopped to drink it completely at some point, I reverted back later. Now I just have no interest in any kind of tea, and am quite satisfied with water.

So, the experiment was a success, and I am looking forward for more experiments!
Just for the record keeping, here is graph of my weight for the last month. I was fasting from May 24 till June 1. At the lowest point, my weight was at 130 lb; currently it seems to have stabilized around 135.
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