bluedrag (bluedrag) wrote,

Fast Experiment: Day 6

Weight: 136 lb * Body Fat: 17.5% * Cycled: 37 km

I went to work after the long weekend. Cycling to work was nice, but quite slow. Work was acceptable. Cycling back was very, very slow. Still nice, though. I had a few mild ache-like feelings in the stomach, particularly in the top right part. What’s there? Liver? Gallbladder?

I also had a prolonged discomfort in the colon, though no bowel movements, so after some thought I gave myself an enema in the evening.

Overall, these days are not much different. I feel quite good in the morning, but get weaker and weaker during the day, especially when I can’t nap during the day. I just measured my heart rate, got about 60 beats per minute. Much lower than I usually have.
Tags: english, experiment, fast, fast-experiment
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