bluedrag (bluedrag) wrote,

Fast Experiment: Day 5

Weight: 137 lb * Body Fat: 17.5% * Walked: 10 km * Cycled: 9 km : Ran: 1 km

The fifth day without food! Unbelievable. Only a few months ago I was feeling rather bad after skipping a meal, and a thought about fasting for a few days would have been inconceivable. Actually, it is quite amazing how body is able to function with no external energy sources. I cannot say I feel great, but I definitely feel acceptable, and feel no hunger.

Today was rather similar to yesterday. I tried to run in the morning (without children) and could not make myself to, so I just walked. I thought that I was walking slightly faster than yesterday, but I still was quite tired at the end. The skin on fingers and the tongue coating are also slightly better.

I noticed these days that I get rather dizzy when rising abruptly. I’ve read about this effect in the literature; it is caused by lowered blood pressure when fasting.

Update: In the evening, I ran a little bit with my wife. I would’ve never even started without her! I also got some unexepected bowel movements
Tags: english, experiment, fast, fast-experiment
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