bluedrag (bluedrag) wrote,

Fast Experiment: Day 3

Weight:142 lb. * Body Fat: 17.5% * Ran: 5 km * Cycled: 21 km

Today is, to my surprise, somewhat better than yesterday. In the morning, I ran again with my son, and it was pretty tough. I would’ve stopped, if not for him. Shows that children are useful sometimes! After the run I decided to skip exercises altogether and instead mowed my yard with my new cool manually-propelled mower.

I still feel weak, slow and somewhat dizzy. I guess, my overall better feeling may be explained by not going to work, and by drinking more water (I came to a conclusion that I might have had a mild dehydration yesterday). Being able to rest when you need definitely helps a lot, and I did a few times today. I sleep a lot these days 2-3-4 hours a day more than usual. I have essentially no hunger feeling today, though I must say that it does annoy me when people eat in my presence.

After three days of mil stomach discomfort, I broke down and gave myself a warm water enema. Seems to have helped.

Looking for the symptoms: the tongue is coated, but (again, to my surprise) less so than yesterday. I also notices I got cracked skin on my fingers. Hopefully, it’s a sign of toxin elimination!

My weight didn’t move much comparing to yesterday, which proves that watching daily weight is useless (we still need to record it to build the average graph, though). My body fat percent swung back to 17.5% (and I sincerely hope it stays there!).

Tomorrow I will be entering uncharted waters for me — I have never fasted beyond 3 days. I am quite excited to see what it looks like!
Tags: english, experiment, fast, fast-experiment
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