bluedrag (bluedrag) wrote,

Fast Experiment: Day 2

Weight: 142 lb. * Body Fat 19.2% * Ran: 3.7 km * Cycled: 3 km

Practically no hunger today, but I feel rather weak. Ran 3.7 km this morning with my son, and got pretty tired. Then went through a few exercises from my strength training routine. Was rather slow going, but not too terrible, until at some point I got dizzy. I find it hard to concentrate, to speak loudly and to move fast. It is, again, worse than day #2 from my 3-day fast (as far as I can remember).

My tongue is white-coated, but not too bad. No other visible symptoms, as far as I can see. Except that I can’t type properly — every word gets misspelled or with letters in wrong order — I wonder if my coordination got worse.

About statistics: I am three pounds lighter than yesterday, but of course it can’t be all fat. Probably water. To measure my fat percentage I use special calipers (which I described here). They are graduated in 2 mm increments, and I currently fluctuate between 14 and 16 mm (of the skin pinched in a certain location), which, according to their chart, corresponds to 17.5% and 19.2%. So even though I went from 17.5% to 19.2% in a day doesn’t mean that I suddenly got a lot of extra fat. It’s just within the measurement error. (If you are really interested in my body fat percentage dynamics, you can see a live chart here.)
Tags: english, experiment, fast, fast-experiment
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