bluedrag (bluedrag) wrote,

The Fast Experiment

I mentioned many times that I wanted to do a longer fast (so far, the longest I did was a three day fast), probably about a week long. Yesterday, I suddenly realized that I keep postponing it because “the conditions are not right”. That is either I “need” to eat for some reason, or I “need” the energy for some reason.

Well, you know what, my dear brother Simpleton? The conditions are never right. The conditions don’t choose when you do something: you choose. And my new simpleton philosophy is very, well, simple: the future doesn’t exist. The past doesn’t exist. There is only now. Either you do something now, or you never do it. Every second of your life, that’s your choice.

It’s nice to have a simple philosophy. You just follow it. So I immediately decided to start fasting next week. I call it “the Fast Experiment”, because I have never done it before, and I truly have no idea how my body will behave. I am going to blog every day to report my progress here.

The timing is somewhat complicated, because I am still going to go to work, and some things are just much easier done at home (for example, when you need to drink fresh juices throughout the day). I am going to be home next Wednesday, though, so here is the rough plan:

Tuesday, day -2: only fresh fruits and vegetables and juices, unlimited
Wednesday, day -1: only fresh fruit and vegetable juices, unlimited
Thursday, day 1: first day of the fast

Friday, next week, day 9: last day of the fast
Saturday/Sunday: breaking fast with juices
Monday — ?: continue to break fast, solid food

From my admittedly very modest experience I have learned that it is very important to correctly enter and break the fast. I am going to try doing it with juices this time. I would’ve wanted to have much more time to do it slowly — a few days of juice fast both before and after the real fast, maybe — but well, I have as much time as I have.

Since I expect the fasting be sometimes challenging, I am going to define the rules beforehand. The first rule is, of course, that I am not going to eat anything at all, and only going to drink plain water. I am going to continue to lead an active life: to work, to bike and to jog. I might scale down or even stop my weight training depending on how I feel. I am not going to break the fast prematurely, unless I am in serious prolonged pain that prevents me to functioning normally. And I am not going to fast beyond the ninth day, unless I am feeling especially well, or there is some specific process in my body which I’d want to let finish naturally. I think both cases are unlikely, but who knows?

So, the plan is here. Please stay tuned to the reports of the Fast Experiment.

Update: You can see all the Fast Experiment reports under the fast-experiment tag.
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